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Thursday, December 13, 2007

She's Growing Up Too Fast!

I have to agree with Heather and LT, being an aunt is the best gig there is. MP is three today! I just spoke with her to wish her a happy birthday and see how her day was going. This is the first year she really knows that it's her birthday. Here is a little bit of our conversation:

Me: Happy Birthday, MP. Are you having a good birthday?
MP: No...
Me: chuckle, chuckle, why not?
MP: I didn't get any cake...only muffins.

cracks me up! Don't worry, the Princess Party is scheduled for Saturday, and I am sure she will get her fill of cake. She is just like her aunt. It's not a celebration without dessert!

Here are her Christmas pics from this year and the past two. She looks so grown up!

Monday, December 10, 2007

MP Is Turning THREE!

This is the invitation I got in the mail Friday. I can't believe my little "Boogly-kattz" is turning THREE. That is her nickname. My sister is the creator of weird nicknames. Me - Walliekattz, Mary Peyton - Boogly-kattz...anyway, Happy Birthday, Mary Peyton! Aunt Wa-wa LOVES YOU! Since she can't read full sentences yet, I will tell you (without giving away the surprise) that she is getting a Paula Dean DVD for her birthday. The kid LOVES the Food Network. She can name every host and his/her corresponding show. I wonder if she will cook her own cake?