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Saturday, January 30, 2010

It's a.....

Well, what a weekend. We got about 6" of snow which started coming down in the middle of our appointment Friday morning. I had told my 1st graders on Thursday that if it snowed that I might not be able to get to the doctor Friday morning to find out what the baby would be. This really confused some of them. Jusbin wrote in his journal, "I hope it doesn't snow so Mrs. Wolfe can have her baby." Jusbin, thankfully that was not the case! They are so obsessed with this baby and are constantly asking me questions about it and telling me how big my stomach is getting! We have been studying penguins, and La'Dayshia brought a book up to my desk with a picture of a male penguin incubating the egg on his feet. "Look, Mrs. Wolfe, that pooch looks just like your stomach." Thanks, La'Dayshia! I asked them to write in their journals Thursday morning what they thought I was going to have and what they wanted me to name it. Tripper wrote, "Mrs. Wolfe will have a boy becuas boys are good. I will name him Spik." He ment to write Spike...we are still working on the silent e. La'Dayshia wrote, "I wont Mrs. Wolfe to have a gurl becus gurls are not hrd heded. And I love baby gurls. She will nam her KK Wolfe." That was "hard headed" to translate 1st grade-eese. So the boys will be excited and the girls will be sad because Baby Wolfe will be wearing blue!

Jackson Walters Wolfe will be here in June.

Jackson is my mother-in-law's maiden name, and Walters is my mom's maiden name. I just love family names because I am named after both of my grandmothers. So little Jack Wolfe will be terrorizing Maggie before she knows it! We are so blessed because our ultrasound was "perfect" in the words of our doctor. She said it was an A+! And Travis was relieved that he would not have to watch girl sports....really....I was just excited he has 10 fingers and toes!

In other news, I thought I was going to be a single mother this morning after our good friend Randall and Travis decided to "snow ski" down a hill in our neighborhood using water skis and some sort of poles - correction, broomsticks. I stayed inside most of the time with Paula and Annelise, Randall's wife and daughter. At one point I saw Randall running full speed down the hill to a parked truck with a ski right beside it. I was certain that Travis had skied under the truck....heart attack one of the day! They are so ridiculous. Here are the rednecks playing....

Back to baby news....I called Mary Peyton to tell her the news. I thought she would be disappointed, but I think little boys have started to grow on her.

Me: Well, we found out today what our baby is going to be.
MP: What is it?
Me: Guess
MP: I think it's a girl, no a boy. It's a boy.
Me: yep you are right.
MP: I wanted a boy, but can you make sure it's not as wild as ours? He is chaos and destruction!
Me: well, they can just be wild together. We are going to name him Jackson and call him Jack.
MP: I will call him Jackson Destruction!

Where does she come up with this stuff? That's all for now.