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Sunday, May 17, 2009


I know it has been a ridiculous amount of time since our last post, but hey, we have been busy. So if anyone is still reading this, allow me to take a minute to brag on my studly husband. This post is way late, but I am procastanating finishing report cards. 3.5 days left...whoop, whoop! I have a pep in my step that I haven't had in years. There's just something about a summer vacation, but back to Travis. At the end of April he ran his first marathon, the Country Music Marathon. 26.2 MILES! and he ran the entire way. Tyler and Katelyn saw him at miles 12 and 18, and I caught up with him at mile 20 and the finish line. I was so stinking hot! I was miserable, so you know Travis was sweating it running in that kind of heat. He finished in 4 hours, 53 minutes, and 34 seconds. I am really proud of him considering he didn't start training until January, and we had some cold nights this winter....he ran one night when is was below 10 degrees! There is just no way that I would ever do that!!! ever!!! He stuck with it, and Maggie deserves a little credit too. She was his running buddy for part of the training. I wish I had a picture of them in their matching reflective vests that I bought for them. I ran with him the first night, got mad at him because he wouldn't wait on me, and never ran with him again. He really stuck with this goal, and I am so proud of him for accomplishing something that I could not nor would not ever want to do! He has already put his name in the lotto for the London marathon next spring....Motherland, here we come!

I am not going to show Maggie this pic. I think she would be a little peeved to see Belle, her cousin, at the finish line when she did all the work training her dad! And, I know I am so pale that I am almost transparent, but that is just the way God made me. You got a problem with it take it up with Him! Katelyn and I look like pilgrims and Indians!