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Saturday, December 12, 2009

"Who has a baby?"

Thursday was a great birthday...number 27 for me. Travis and my friends at school did and awesome job, and I have to say this was the best Nashville birthday yet! I always miss my family on my birthday, but this year I had PLENTY of birthday wishes. Our Assistant Principal always announces the teachers' birthdays in the morning announcements, "Today is Mrs. Wolfes' birthday, so if you see her in the hall wish her a happy birthday!" Let me tell you that kids take this seriously...they may not hear anything else that is said all day, but they are going to listen for the birthday announcement dead gummit! So to say that I heard "Happy Birthday, Mrs. Wolfe!" 200 times would be NO exaggeration!
It was also a fun week because Tuesday we got to hear our sweet baby's heartbeat! sister is predicting a girl. Everyone asks me if I have a feeling to which I answer yes, nausea! It hasn't been too bad, but I can definitely tell that big business is going on inside me! We found out Oct. 12th, but wanted to wait a while to share our news. To say we are excited would be an understatement but I must add shocked and nervous as well. My dear friend Paula assures me that God gives you 9 months for a reason. I agree. So far everything looks healthy, but we certainly covet your prayers. Oh, I almost forgot to write about telling my students. I have been stuffing my face in class for weeks is the key to avoiding the puke for me. So since I reached 12 weeks on my birthday, I thought it would be the perfect day to tell my kids. We have been playing "Shark Attack" which is my more politically correct version of "Hang Man." I usually get them to guess the title of a book, so a sentence was a bit of a stretch. Well, Rontaz finally guessed it with one letter missing..."I have a baby in my t_mmy."
Rontaz: I have a baby in my tummy.
Rontaz: (2nd time more fluently) I have a baby in my tummy.
Rontaz: Who has a baby in their tummy.
Me: I do, I am going to have a baby!
It was awesome! They were so excited and wanted me to bring it to school...Uh, hello, it's right here. They were a little disappointed to know that Baby Wolfe would not make his/her appearance until after we get out for the summer. They want to see him/her when they come back next year...are you kidding? My child will not be visiting that germ factory! I am already looking into getting my dad to build me a sanitation chamber at the front door. Speaking of, can you guess what I got for my birthday from my school friends? Six bottles of Bath and Body Works moisturizing antibacterial hand soap. They know me so well.