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Monday, January 5, 2009

A Wolfe Pack Year in Review

Hello All, let's be honest...If anyone even looks at this thing anymore you know that it is rarely updated. We are just not as on top of it as we should be. So I figure I will try and do a quick Year in Review through pictures I have on my computer. As bad as we are about blogging, Laurette and I are even worse about taking photos (seriously, we have 2 photos of us from our Honeymoon!). So here is my best effort at trying to give you an update.

Christmas 2007

Yeap, That is me with an 18 inch knife along with my fellow partner in crime Web. We got these weapons of mass destruction as Christmas gifts from Laurette's cousin AB who is a missionary in Africa. He didn't want us to ask how he got them through customs. Anyway, last Christmas was spent in Aberdeen, MS and pretty low key other then the blade of death and teaching my niece Mary Peyton how to make an apple pie.

January 2008

New Years Eve was spent in Memphis, TN with the Cantrell's, Butts', Laurette's rockin Sis and Jake. It was a fun night of sushi, fireworks, and most importantly champaign fountains. Caleb and I very much enjoyed the fountain that evening.

February 2008

In February I started a new job. It was an answer to many prayers and I have loved it from the moment I started. Challenging, rewarding and I work with great great people.

March 2008

We had a big month in March, to start things off my brother Tyler got engaged to his high school sweetheart. This photo was taken a few weeks before he popped the question as he made his claim to being a 4 star server at Cracker Barrel back in High School.

I also came out of retirement and performed in a play for the first time since my glory days back in high school. I was a Roman Guard for our church performance during Easter. I also made a trip to Little Caesars the night of the show to pick up a pizza. The woman thought I was from a hidden camera show.

April 2008

April had to have been the crown jewel of photo taking for the Wolfe family. We took our only vacation of the year and spent 3 days in Gatlinburg. That's right folks, I know how to treat a lady...I promised Laurette I would work on that in '09 and we would take more trips. We went to Dollywood, I couldn't believe it but it really was one of the best theme parks I have ever been to. Laurette talked to all the crafts people and I loved the roller coasters. We highly recommend it if you ever get up that way. The other photo is a bonus pic of me on the Barrel of Fun.

I also had a birthday at the end of the month. We celebrated by going to my favorite German restaurant in town and dancing to Omm Pah music. As you can see in the last picture we celebrated with my newly engaged brother and a great time was had by all.

May 2008

In May, we went with my parents up to Indiana for the Indy 500. That is right folks, the greatest spectacle in racing, over 250,000 people, Danica Patrick and not 1 photo from Travis and Laurette. This is a Wolfe Family tradition that we continue to enjoy. I get to cry when Jim Nabors sings "Back Home Again in Indiana" and eat cold fried chicken from a cooler while Laurette gets a thrill out of the cars racing by and the smell of burnt rubber.

June 2008 - August 2008
We will do a quick fast forward through the summer...

June we celebrated our 3 year anniversary...Again with the theme of no pictures. This is a photo of the stained glass at the church where we got married. We celebrated with a night on the town then back to work for me and back to school for Laurette.
In July, Tyler and I went to Lebowskifest in Louisville, KY. This is a celebration of one of the greatest movies ever made "The Big Lebowski." We dressed up as roadies from a Metallica tour. It was based off a single line from the movie and believe it or not we were not the most obscure costumes there at all. We have already began our planning for next years event. Laurette deserves credit for our great looking T-shirts!

August brought our favorite event of the year. The Wilson County Fair! I was humbled in 2007 when I entered an Apple Pie and placed last, so I took a year off and just decided to enjoy the fair. This year a friend and I spent about 30 minutes trying to convince our wives that we were accidentally put under a spell by the hypnotist. It didn't work so we bought them some Big Bubba's Horse Churned Ice Cream for their troubles.

September 2008

Laurette actually started her student teaching in August, but was deep into it by September. I have to admit, it was great getting to hear her stories every night about the kids and how they were learning from her. Here she is teaching them about Bird Feeders...Go figure.

October 2008

October was a fun month for us. We started off great with our local Oktoberfest celebration in Nashville and ended at a wonderful wedding in Mobile. Lindsey's wedding was awesome and I LOVE Mobile, AL. I could find myself sliding into the coast lifestyle very easy. Caleb & Tricia, be sure to check out the crab soup at Felix's Fish Camp!

November 2008

In November, my wonderful wife finished her Masters in Education after 2 long years of hard work. We also celebrated Thanksgiving at my parents house this year. The great thing my parents do is always invite the Clark's over for the dinner. This year after the turkey we worked off calories in my Dad's man cave playing his Wii.

December 2008

During the holidays this year we made a trip over to Virginia to see our niece and brand spankin' new nephew. It was a great time spent drawing, refilling bottles, and playing with play-doh. We also made it over to Jxn, TN to ring in the New Year with my family.

Hope this catches you all up, and Laurette and I both wish you and yours the very very best in 2009.


Tricia said...

Great Review, Travis- I'm very impressed. Looks like ya'll always have a lot of fun. And any time you're craving some more crab soup from Felix's just come on down!!!

Luke & Amanda said...

I agree, Trav. I have enjoyed the year in review! We missed yall this New Years!