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Friday, February 20, 2009


I went for a walk around Vanderbilt the other day during lunch. I decided to call my sister to see how they were doing...MP got on the phone. This was our conversation:
Me: hey MPers what are you doing?
MP: making a Food Network challenge cake...
Me: oh wow! what does it look like?
MP: it is big, but I still have to do the green and pink layers.
Me: what else do you have to do?
MP: I still need to make my sugar showpiece for on top...
Me: wow, a sugar showpiece...what will it be
MP: a star...a beautiful star...a beautiful pink star with twirlies...
Me: what flavor is the cake?
MP: chocolate and vanilla
Me: oh wow...will you mail me a piece?
MP: no, Wawa, it's just pretend...(my sister told me they were making it out of Styrofoam(sp?) and decorating it with construction paper and stickers.

this will be MP in a few years...

this kid cracks me up! Then she asked me why the valentine window stickers I sent her stink....
Me: I don't know, I didn't make them.
MP: they smell like dead flies!


Tricia said...

Hahahhaha- she is too funny. That's a fun activity to do too.

Kelli said...

MP has to be the cutest kid I have ever seen, and where does she come up with this stuff??!! Miss you guys! Hope you are doing well.

mary lee said...

This is too funny! She is such a cutie!