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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Boy in the Bubble

So it is Travis and I believe it is about time for me to take over this here blog for a while. If anyone is still out this thing on?

I have decided to do a special project. For the past month I have been playing music to Jack. Each night when it is time to go to sleep, I bust out the headphones and play something for our future son. I am about 25 songs deep now and I think it is time I start cataloging them.

Now I am not promising that I have the best taste in music, but I do hope to give little Jack some insight on the music that has shaped me.

This is not only something that Laurette and I really enjoy every evening, but I also see it as an investment in the future. As my father can tell you, I wasn't the most athletic kid in school, and I am not sure if that kinda thing skips a generation, but I do love me some the future for this kid has to be in music. After all, Jackson Wolfe just sounds like an awesome songwriter name, don't you agree? Anyway, suggestions are welcome and I hope you enjoy.

Apologies on the front end for the terrible grammar.

Best, Travis

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