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Monday, July 5, 2010


Well, I am a little behind. Jack turned 2 weeks last Thursday, and we are loving him more and more every day! He went back to the doctor on Friday because we thought we needed to change his formula, and we were right. 1 point parents! He weighed in at 9.6oz! That means he had gained 11oz. since his last appointment. He is my little chubba wub, but he is so long that he doesn't look that chubby except in his sweet cheeks.

This is our 3rd day to be on our own with Jack. My parents were here until last Friday, and them my wonderful in-laws came that afternoon. They left on Saturday, and my amazing husband stayed up with Jack all night Saturday night and last night! I got 2 whole nights of uninterrupted sleep! It was like Christmas! I seriously haven't slept like that since early April. This momma needed that, but I sure was glad to see those cheeks when I woke up!

I need to wish my momma and daddy late birthday wishes! Daddy turned 70 on June 12th, and Momma turned 60, sorry Mom, on July 1st! We are truly blessed to have such wonderful parents...and grandparents for Jack! I love you, Mom and Dad, and we can't wait to see you on Wednesday!

Happy Birthday, Mimi and Poppy!

Jack has been sleeping like a champ this morning, but I have a feeling he is going to need a bottle pretty soon!

Grammy and Pops holding their first grandchild!

Fat, kissable cheeks!


Kelli said...

He's adorable, Laurette. I know you were thankful for the nights of sleep. Nothing better than feeling refreshed! Glad y'all are doing well.

Luke & Amanda said...

He is such a sweet, sweet chunker! I love him already! Keep those pictures coming!

Tell Jack's grandparents that if they are done at your house I would love some sleep in Byhalia!

love you!

Anna Little Morris said...

I am in love with those cheeksters.

Amy said...

sending a kiss all the way from big d-dallas :)