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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Hey Bo Diddley

My father-in-law Mr. Clark had a great post regarding Bo Diddley (read it here). After reading his I felt the need to post a few videos just so people can see how amazing he really is. Diddley first came on the scene around 1955 and basically made it ok for white teenagers to listen to the Blues. Diddley paved the way for Chuck Berry, Elvis and really anyone playing rock music today. He also opened the door for many to discover great blues musicians like John Lee Hooker, Howlin' Wolf and RL Burnside. The first video is a classic TV performance from way back. Watch how the girls are all screaming and going crazy, but not one of them ever stands up. They are glued to their seats as if society would disown them if they even thought about dancing. You can tell how badly they want to just go crazy. The second video is of Diddley in his prime with no restraints, by the early 70's it was ok to dance and you can tell just how much he was holding himself back in the first video, both in guitar playing and dancing. Listen and you can hear the keyboard player barely able to keep up, Diddley is playing so fast. I hope you enjoy.

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Little Daddy said...

Thanks for the comments. The videos were absolutely great. No doubt about it he was a great showman and, as you said, paved the way for many others. You can't watch the earlier video and not realize where Elvis got most of his movements.

Kudos again for the look back in time. I may watch them again if no one comes in for a faucet, or I may make a customer watch before I will sell them anything.

Great job!