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Monday, November 5, 2007

Livin La Vida Loca...update

As you can tell by the lack of posting it has been pretty busy around the Wolfe house. Laurette is in Math for her education classes and loves it just like any great communication major would...yeah right. She has her practicum this week and she goes into school at 7:00am leaves at 8:15am and heads to work by 9:00am. She is also studying for her second Praxis test, kinda like an ACT for teachers. She takes that later this month. We have also stepped up and taken over the Sunday Night Youth Fellowship at our church. Last night we had the kids sample various baby foods without them knowing what it was. It was a fun time to watch their faces when they would eat stuff like chicken with gravy and bacon baby food. If anyone has any fun game ideas, please share, looks like we will be doing this for the long haul, and we are always up for ideas.

Late in September I blogged about receiving a ton of $5 off coupons from Qdoba Mexican Grill. Sadly this offer expired on Saturday, but that is not to say I didn’t take advantage of a sweet .75 cent burrito. I have the count somewhere around 23 chicken burritos in total I consumed in October. That is a savings of around $115! I also do not want to see a burrito for at least another month.

I went to a great concert on Friday night by The John Butler Trio (Click the link to see the band and fellow aussie Keith Urban performing). I have to say it was the best indoor concert I have ever been to. I think I will blog about that sometime, but I am thinking about doing my own music blog, so we will see what happens. That way I don’t bug anyone on here with all my music stuff. We went to a friends wedding in Jackson, TN on Saturday night and Laurette looked stunning. She won over all my high school buddies… and their mothers. That is a little bit on us. Hope everyone is doing well.


Little Daddy said...

Gosh, I found out a lot about yall that I haven't heard. As Laurette's grandmother uses to say, "nobody ever tells me anything."

Seems as though Wallie is really getting into this education stuff, and, of course, her communications degree really prepared her for a teaching career. I never knew what a communications grad was prepared to do anyway.

As to Wallie being "stunning" at the wedding, we all knew that was true -- she gets most of that from her dear old dad.

Was Travis "stunning?"

I don't know if Wallie told you, but as of 3:00 Saturday afternoon, you had not missed much at the Johnny Cash Pickin' Flowers festival in Starkville. Maybe the crowds improved later, but there were not many there then.

I wish that I had been at the Celtic Festival in Jackson, TN. Did you know it was going on?

See yall on the 17th -- if not before.

Katie Walden said...

I actually heard The John Butler Trio when I was on a trip to Morehead, Ky., with my volleyball team. They are awesome! I could never remember the name of it though. I thought of ever man's name except for John Butler. Thanks Trav!

Oh and good luck to Lauretter! I'm glad I've never had to experience the Praxis but I've heard way too much about it from other friends. I'll be praying!

Marty Cooper said...

You should have a Rock-Paper-Scissors tournament with your youth group. We did with ours, and they LOVED it. We might try that baby food thing, too. yuck.

Luke & Amanda said...

You have the sweetest husband! I am so glad to get an update...we play games at Younglife every week, so if you ever need game ideas, call me! We had the Donut Olympics this week and it was awesome!