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Friday, February 8, 2008

Rear-Ended by the 80's

Well, as some of you may have gathered from the previous post by my cute husband, the WolfePack has had some car issues as of late. Our Alti was broken into in our driveway, and the punks stole the ipod. I know, we shouldn't have left it in the car. Lesson learned! But they broke into about 10 other cars in our neighborhood as well. Travis had a little accident on the youth ski trip, and to top it all off this guy "David" rear-ends me on Monday afternoon! Oh well, such is life. We were both fine, and the trail blazer didn't sustain any more damage. He hit the trailer hitch thankfully for me, but not for him. It did a little damage to the mini van he was driving...that's right. Picture this guy in a mini van. It's a wonder I didn't rear-end someone staring in the rearview mirror looking at him! He was a sight to behold. I cried of course. It scared me, but he was very nice. The bad part was after shaking his hand in parting, I could smell his hair gel the whole way home. He may have ruined all 80's music for me because every time I hear a great 80's song I will think of this minus the poofy bangs!

And get this...the guy is a mugician. No, that is not a typo, people...this guy does music and magic! Music + Magic = Mugician! Travis found this out after talking with him. Only me, only in Nashville! Just kidding...Travis made that story up, but he had me going too. I wouldn't doubt this guy has a few tricks up his sleeve...he has to do some sort of VooDoo to create the hair masterpiece he has going.

So the story continues. Yesterday I get a phone call from Georgia. I think, "who the heck is this?" I answer and it's Dr. Taylor??? who?? Turns out this guy has gotten my name off a database. If you have an accident it goes on a database and it's a public record! He gave me some good advice....whip-lash won't set in in some cases until 6+ weeks after the incident, so don't settle on your medical claim until at least 6 weeks post accident. I'm perfectly fine, but good to know. Creepy nonetheless. When I asked him how he got my name...I put it more gently, "now how did you know to call me?" He said, "Some of your southern boyfriends told me to call." Crickets chirped! What the heck is he talking about. He then said, "That was a joke." Really funny stuff, dude. Moral of the story, be ware of big hair and mystery numbers from Georgia! Have a safe and happy weekend.


Marty Cooper said...

Wow, too creepy!!! So, Travioli made that up about the Mugician? He's really creative! "I'm not even mad. I'm impressed!" (Anchor Man)

That is so weird about the Georgia Doc.

Ashley said...

I laughed out loud just now. I appreciate your protection with the black box (but I'm really curious as to what's behind it!)