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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Where is R Kelly when you need him...

Hello All, I am writing this from the closet of our wonderful home in Mount Juliet. Some rough weather has made its way thru Arkansas and Tennessee and now it is our turn to brave the storm. We think it is heading north of us right now, but my hometown of Jackson, TN got hit pretty bad...AGAIN. I swear Jackson gets hit hard by a tornado like every 4 years or something. I am humoring Laurette right now by hanging out in here, because I have seen far worse.

This reminds me of the tornado that hit Mississippi State when I was a freshman. All of us were hanging out on the balcony of Cresswell when we saw the roof tear off McComas. It was at that point, along with the power line falling down that we figured that we should all head inside. Once we got in everyone was freaking out, and we head down to Matt McCabe and Geoffrey Kneasal's dorm room and these two Coast Trash guys are hanging out playing NBA Live 2004. They found it pretty amusing that we were going crazy over this storm when they live thru a hurricane about every other month on the coast. Anyway, I feel a little like McCabe and Kneasal right now, but our prayers are with everyone affected, and once again, this shows that short of maybe Gulfport... Jackson, TN is one of the toughest cities in the South!!!


Marty Cooper said...

I am so not surprised that Lartosh made you get in the closet. Hilarious. We did enough earthquake drills in freaking West Point, MS, as children to make anyone fear weather. I love that girl.

msergent said...

We were right there with you, except we had to cram, me, john and anna in our tiny half bath downstairs. Not the most comfy, but hopefully somewhat safe. Glad we didn't get hit here!

P.S. to Laurette: John got the jersey from his district manager at work. I don't think he would have picked out a Manning jersey!! :)