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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Pet Hair Eraser! Woo Hoo!

Some women may not like to receive appliances for presents, but not this lady...especially when it helps with my allergies. (side note: Travis does not believe in allergies. He thinks they are all in my head-literally.) Well, I didn't really get this for a present, maybe a thanks for being the best wife on the planet (haha) kind of present, but no specific occasion. It could have been Christmas because I was pumped up about my new Bissel Pet Hair Eraser! Wooo Woo! Amanda, this might even take care of Bandito's winter coat. I researched this bad boy on before I ran out and bought it. I wasn't born yesterday, and I didn't want to fall for the hype. But, after 65 reviews, I figured they couldn't and wouldn't have taken the time to pay all these people off. So off to Lowe's we went. I vacuumed with my old, terrible vacuum the night before I got this baby. It sucked (sorry, mom) and not in a good way. But I didn't realize how lousy of a vacuum it was until I got the BPHE! I emptied the thing 3 times! Yes, I was wearing a mask while I vacuumed; I always do. (Note: chew gum while wearing mask. You will get tired of smelling your own breath...even if you just brushed.) The old, terrible excuse of a vacuum now lives in the garage until I can find an eco friendly way of disposing of it. I thought about good will, but that is kind of gross to get some one's old vacuum. That may just be the mask-wearing germ freak in me. I leave you with the evidence. RIP old vacuum!

I assembled it myself!

The culprit: yes, Maggie, that is you in there, but you are worth every headache you give me.

I kept screaming, "How am I alive?!" I have wicked allergies, and I really do try to keep a clean house. I will have to tell Dr. Barney, the allergist, about this bad boy!


Marty Cooper said...

You are hilarious! A MASK?? Why am I not surprised. Remember at Summer Scholars when you were doing improv and you were down on your knees pretending to be a vacuum and you looked at Jimmy (waist level) and said, "Check out my sucking power"? HA HA!

The Benjamins said...

My parents have that exact one and you wonder how you have any carpet left, but at least, you know it is working! :)

gtown1 said...

There's nothing worse than a 'sucky' vacuum. I'm right there with you sister...we just got the Eureka-Boss...and I too had to empty that thing 3 times for one vacuum session! It was a glorious yet gross feeling to know we were walking on so much pet hair and longer thanks to the boss! Happy Sucking! :) ejw

Luke & Amanda said...

WoohoO! That thing looks amazing! I really hope it cuts down on your allergies, thus cutting down on your allergist dr visits!

I love you for wearing a mask when you vacuum...I cant believe you slept on my floor and are still me friend!

love you!

msergent said...

You've convinced me that I MUST have this vacuum too! (I've seen the commercials and wondered if it really works.) But you my dear, have the proof! Thanks for sharing. :)

Ashley said...

oooh, I want one!!! I have the worst allergies. Can you tell a difference in your house now that you've cleaned with it?

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Ken and Lacey said...

i'm getting one if you say it's that great. having 3 dogs has really taken its toll on my carpet. i'm getting this bad boy this weekend! thanks for the recommendation (on the vaccuum and the chewing gum while wearing a mask)!

carriemundie said...

After having the BPHE for several months, is it still working as well now as in the beginning? I'm in desperate need of something that will suck up about a ton of cat hair.

It's been ages, but I still have memories of hanging out with you and Marty and Leslie and others... Hope you're doing well!