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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Jack's Room

So my parents, Tyler & Katelyn all headed up to Indiana for the Indy 500 today. Laurette is too far along for us to be able to take a road trip like that, so we will be watching on our couch this year. In an effort to create a little of the race day experience, I have gone out and bought my KFC fried chicken and will put it in a cooler to eat tomorrow during "The Greatest Spectacle in Racing."

Things have been going well so far, but Laurette is at maximum capacity I believe. Comfort is a thing of the past and she has been couch sleeping for the last couple weeks. On a positive note, Jack has dropped quite a bit so that has taken a little pressure off of her back. The bags are packed, the car seat is in place and I have plotted my route. Now we wait...

Since my parents are visiting my grandparents while up there, I wanted to post a few pictures of Jack's room. Laurette painted a lot of nice things for the room and we had some great help from both grandfathers with the bead-board (Thank you Mr. Clark!) and the painting (thanks Dad!). I hope you enjoy.

This last one was pretty funny, for some reason while we were taking photos our dog Maggie decided to stick her head under the crib. I have heard stories about our old Springer, Muffy, sleeping under my crib when I was a baby so maybe Maggie is just getting ready.

Almost forget, here is a photo from our last ultrasound!

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Anna Little said...

Yay! Baby Jack is almost here! Love the room and the KFC story was also quite entertaining, Trav.