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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Many miles to baby steps

I have been a terrible wife and have not bragged on my husband. I missed his birthday blog and his 2nd and 3rd marathon posts. To explain the name of the title, Travis has run 742 miles in 2 years!!!! Yes, you read that correctly, 742! He could have run to Toronto, Canada! He didn't get to finish the Music City Marathon this year because of lightning, but this preggo did truck it all over town to try to catch a glimpse of him in the race... so the next weekend he ran the Flying Pig Marathon in Cincinnati. Just happened to be the same weekend as the flood, but thank goodness my sweet friend and Jack's godmother, Courtney, was here to baby sit me and assure me that my husband would make it home in one piece. Praise the good Lord, he did. Now I can't wait to see the baby steps...Jack will be here in 24 days or less, and Travis is already blowing me away with how he has taken such good care of me, our house, and prepared for this sweet baby that we can't wait to hold. He is going to be the best daddy to Jack, and I just can't wait to see it and take pictures of them in coordinating outfits!! So, thanks for letting me brag on my sweet husband, and hopefully our next post will be filled with pictures of our baby boy on the outside of my belly!!

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