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Thursday, June 24, 2010

1 week already!

No time to write about what an amazing week it has been...probably the best week of my life! Travis is an absolutely amazing daddy, and Jack is more than we could have ever dreamed of. I am absolutely in love! I have cried so many tears of joy and feel so blessed to be his mommy...and this mommy has to jump in the shower while i have a chance, but I leave you with this handsomeness...


Tricia said...

HE'S AMAZING! I love him already.

brad, amanda, and brody said...


Archer has had some major spitting up also...the little fisher price cradle is great, but it doesn't PREVENT spitting up. However it's good tbecause they're in more of a sitting position rather than flat on their back.
He really spends a lot of time in it. I considered getting a NapNanny (not sure if you've heard of it) but it costs about 3 times as much.
Also I was going to tell you if you think he's having big spit ups because he's got gas bubbles (like you feel tightness across his back) you can try old fashioned gas drops. You can get them at walmart or a drug store. I used them with Brody and I'm using them again, and they work awesome!
Please email me if you need anything!

blocker said...

Amaizing! Love him!