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Wednesday, May 9, 2007

A Honey-Covered Cat

I'm doing a little better after the shock of my favorite show of all time, Gilmore Girls, coming to an abrupt and untimely end. And, I thought blogging might Travis took me to the Polyphonic Spree Monday night
and all I can liken it to is a honey-covered cat. It was a strangeness with which I am not acquainted. I cannot even begin to put into words what this experience was like. The concert was at City Hall this really cool venue on 12th, but it had a strange odor. No, I know what you are wasn't the green stuff, it smelled more like Skate Odyssey in Aberdeen, MS, the site of many a childhood skating party. Don't get me wrong...this smell conjured some fond memories, but I always thought, even in my adolescence, that Skate Odyssey was probably a pretty sketchy if not seedy place when the sun went down. Maybe the smell of City Hall infringed on my experience, but let me tell you, I was waiting for them to pass out the Kool-Aid any minute! No, more like a huge net was going to come down and I would be enslaved for all eternity, forced to tour the country with crazed robe-wearing hippies, singing my guts out like on a Brady bunch special gone very wrong! They, the 20-something member band, all clad in aqua robes with orange zigzags, which included several guitarists, 2 drummers (one of which thought he was saving the universe by playing his snare), 2 violinists that must have escaped from the symphony, two pianists, a flautist, 2 trumpet players one of which was truly convinced that the lyrics he was singing (between trumpet parts) were the secrets of life, 6 crazy - head flailing back up singers, a trombone player, a harpist, many more I’m sure that I’m forgetting, and the CRAZIEST lead singer you will ever lay eyes on...I’m not talking like Iggy Pop crazy, more like snake handling - salvation on sand mountain crazy. He had the craziest eyes; I truly felt like I was stuck in "Clockwork Orange" or something. It was like an Austin Powers on acid trip kind of vibe, and of course my husband LOVED it! They came out in these black military uniforms with red hearts on the left chest pocket. Their new album is entitled "The Fragile Army," and I think fragile is probably a good descriptive for most of their mental states. I think it's safe to say that they enjoy some pretty stout narcotics. I have to give them a pat on the back though; a die-hard fan was launched onto the stage and allowed to take over the mic. You have to give them credit for making this kid's life-dream come true. He was elated to say the least. I think I especially enjoyed the flautist. She rocked the flute, not a statement that can be said of most of the world's population. Overall, I'm glad I went because now Travis and I realize that there are people much stranger than I that exist.


Luke & Amanda said...

I think what makes this even more bizarre is you were in the audience! that is awesome! I would have loved to been there with you! :)

Caleb and Tricia said...

Laurette. That is the weirdest thing I've ever heard! It reminded me of the movie "She's All That" in which the girl (before being turned popular by Freddie Prince, JR.) does this weird play/monologue/theatre act. Do you know what I'm talking about? Anyway, the pic of Travis is hilarious. Don't drink the Kool-Aid, Trav!

Trey and Heather said...

this is strange.

Luke & Amanda said...

Be patient, my child. Maggie's letter should be getting there anyday. Bandit has to keep all of his women happy. (Maggie is a bit too big for him, but they can be friends. I dont want their prom pics to look funny.)
Keep an eye out for the mail!

Tricia said...

blog again!

Luke & Amanda said...

I demand a new post! Work is BORING!!