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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

NO!!!!!! No, Please NO!!!

I am literally beside myself. I am balling my eyes out as I type! I look forward to Tuesday nights all week long. I have my Tivo set for one specific show, the show that takes me away, the show that is my FAVORITE SHOW OF ALL TIME! And I really am having trouble breathing because the SERIES FINALE OF GILMORE GIRLS is next week. I really cannot express my heartbreak. I want to live in Stars Hollow, I want to eat at Luke's Diner, I want to stay at the Dragonfly and eat Suki's fabulous food, I want to hit Kirk in the face, and I want to see Layne's twins, Quan and Steve, heck, I was even born at Gilmore Memorial relation, but you catch my drift. In the words of Malynn, "I want to hit someone; I want to hit them hard!" But it's all over, the series finale. You can't just drop something like that on someone. I needed time to prepare myself, to throw a party, something. I feel ridiculous acting this way or feeling this way; I mean think of all the horrible things in the world, but I love TV and I LOVE this show. I think a piece of my heart just broke off.


Tracy Queen said...

I have to say that I completely understand!! I love Gilmore Girls!! I even watch the re-runs on the Family channel when I can....I feel your pain!! I'm sad to see them go too :(


Luke & Amanda said...

I just want to remind you and Tricia of when Friends went off the air...Let me set the scene:
-I drove home a day early to enjoy it from the comfort of my own home.
-Lindsey stays at the KD House.
-We both ball our eyes out.
-You and Tricia laugh at us. CRUEL!

I do feel your pain...Friends has a three page spread in my scrapbook from my Jr year! :)

LWolfe said...

i completely forgot about that!!! oh my gosh, Beast was beside herself. Okay, well, I stand corrected. Now I know how you feel.

LT (and Max) said...

while i'm not a gilmore girls fan, i do understand your pain. it is the same pain i felt in may of 1998 as i bid farewell to seinfeld. you will get through this laurette. i believe in you. if you need someone to talk to, let me know. i've been there.