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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Leftover Surprise

I know I am not the person you have demanded a blog from, but in an effort to keep readership from falling off...Travis here signing up for duty. I have to stick up for my lovely wife and let you all know she has been extremely busy and will blog very soon.

Now, this plate of food you are looking at is a Travis Wolfe original. I like to pride myself as being a MacGyver in the kitchen. I really think you can give me anything and I will make a meal out of it. This infuriates Laurette. To her and her family instead of the MacGyver I think I am, they just think I am a MacGruber… I have been hazed constantly for one night suggesting that we eat scrambled eggs and green beans. I really don’t see an issue with that you.

The lovely creation above was put together by a mixture of a leftover burger I grilled over the weekend and some sort of pasta side dish Laurette made to go with Chicken Parmesan on Tuesday night. Before you go thinking I am crazy, really it was just like spaghetti with a giant meatball in the middle. I am pretty proud of putting this one together…One a side note, Caleb, Trey, Luke, if you are reading this never try to compliment your wife on her cooking by telling her that the pasta creation she made taste like Chef Boyardee. I happen to really like the taste of the Chef’s unique canned creation, but Laurette didn’t seem to enjoy my compliment.


LWolfe said...

this was my dad's comment. he's not too computer savy, so i don't think he knows how to post a response.

I was surprised to see something in the blog this morning.  I don't see a lot wrong with the culinary creation that is pictured, but I do not believe that it is going to get him a show on the Food Channel.
The green bean and scrambled egg thing is just a little bit "gaggy", and I don't think that my taste buds would wrap around that with gusto.
Now I think that it is sacreligious to speak harshly of Chef Boyardee.  I kind of grew up with him and the Franco American guy.  You do know that Chef Boyardee was a real life Italian chef who imigrated to this country in 1914 and became the head chef at the Plaza Hotel in NYC.  He used to sell his spaghetti sauce in old milk bottles to craving customers.  So be careful of critical remarks of the chef.  It would be an honor to compare your food with his.
Lots of Love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Little Daddy

Little Daddy said...

Hey, look here -- and now I am more computer savy -- look out I can now post comments.

Tricia said...

Alright! Laurette's Dad is Posting! Welcome to the Blogging Community, Mr. Clark!

And to Travis... thanks for the new post... I have read "Honey-Covered Cat" one too many times.

Little Daddy said...


Thanks for the welcome. It seems as though you and I are the only two who have time or the inclination to write or read.

What do you suppose keeps everybody so busy?

You are right. I too have read "Honey-Covered Cat" maybe more than one too many times. What does that expression mean? In all my years I have never heard that used before.

Well, have a nice weekend and holiday.

The Benjamins said...

Laurette- I need your address. Could you e-mail it to me? It is Thanks! Have a great week!

Caleb said...

Travis, I need something from the mind of TWolfe.

Tricia said...

Hey Mr. Clark,
I don't know what "honey colored cat" means either... I figured it was just another Laurette-phrase from Aberdeen.

Little Daddy said...


You may be right -- it may be one of those Laurette-phrases from Aberdeen. Laurette has always been one to march to her own drummer. I'm not saying that she is weird like the Walters on the other limb of her family tree, but she can be different.

I really can take little or no responsibility for her little quirks -- when she was growing up I was away from home except on weekends. Probably you and her other friends were around her more than I, so you must take some of the blame.

If she is reading this I am in for a tongue lashing. But she is my favorite. Now I hope that Amanda is not reading this because I tell her she is my favorite. Oh the trials and tribulations of parenthood.

Little Daddy

LWolfe said...

i love that my dad an tricia are caring on their own conversation via the comment wall. love you both!