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Monday, April 30, 2007

Alles Gute zum Geburtstag Travis!!

Happy 25th Birthday to my wonderful, amazing, incredible husband! I LOVE you, and I am a better person because of you!
Yeah!!!! Today is Travis' 25th birthday as written above(in German). We started celebrating on Saturday. His parents took us to the Gherst House. It's a really neat German restaurant.
We had a great time and the food was delicious! They make a mean basket of fried pickles! I'm not sure that is a traditional German appetizer, but they do have an extensive menu because let's face it....not everyone licks his/her lips at a plate like this

It was slightly disgusting to watch Travis consume so many meat products, but it was his birthday dinner....he is on a strict vegetable diet this week. I'm trying to clean out his arteries! We really did have a great time! If you're ever in Nashville on a Saturday night and you're not really feeling the "boot scoot'n boogie," the Gherst House promises a good time! We really enjoyed the funny old people in the band. I think the lady held out a note for like 2 minutes your heart out Celine...then she chugged a stein. It was impressive. Just imagine the smell of fried sausages with polka music billowing through the air. We learned that Wolfe is in fact a German name and that Travis looks very German. I believe these people too....I mean, wouldn't you believe that face

Travis racked up on the loot. One present I gave him was a basketball so that he could play at our church. He is very excited that he can now play on Thursday nights. There is a sign posted on the gym door that says, "Thursday Night Basketball. Must be 25 to enter. Have ID ready!" The old men really take it seriously. But, after the hammock fiasco of '06, I have learned my lesson about deviating from the birthday present list. If anyone is interested in a really nice hammock with it's own metal stand (save your trees) then just let me know. I also made sure to get the DQ Ice Cream cake this year. Last year I failed to complete this birthday ritual. I just didn't think the 2 of us needed an entire ice cream cake that serves 8-10. Mistake was not repeated! Travis was happy...bellies were full!

Here's a little added bonus... this was Travis' disguise for the scavenger hunt with the Jr. High youth group. I think he changed his name to Chris Gaines. I dressed up as a Cracker Barrel employee. We hid in the gardens of the Opryland Hotel. People kept asking me for directions. Fun was had by all.


amy said...

you make me smile, but travis's plate does not. i think you should have been a twinkie for the scaenger hunt...

LT (and Max) said...

happy bday travis! :)