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Monday, April 16, 2007

Mary Peyton, the Harlot...have I taught her nothing?

Well, I was pondering about what to tell the world today. After 8 comments on my last post I feel sort of like the NY Times. I'm not ready for this people. I feel a responsibility to be funny and informative....2 qualities that I don't always possess, especially on Mondays. And what a tragic day it has been. My thoughts are with the students and families affected by the V Tech shootings. So, on a lighter note, I thought I would post about what is going on with Mary Peyton Marble...the future star of food network and my niece.

Wednesday my sister picked her up from her little school she goes to 3 times a week for 3 hours, and the teachers informed her that Mary Peyton had been chasing a little boy, Owen, around and giving him kisses. Where did she get that? I guess from "Days of Our Wives" as MPers calls it. I can't believe my sister lets her watch that. Amanda, I don't know if you know that I have a blog yet, but I am criticizing your parenting. My beloved babysitter, Covin, used to let me watch "The Bold and The Beautiful" and "As The World Turns" when I was little. Obviously these shows had the opposite effect on me. I couldn't even utter the word sex until well into my junior year of college. Thanks Lindsey, Mims and Boo for the intensive shock therapy that I didn't ask for. Alas, Mary Peyton has become the harlot of the family. We Clark women have always been chased, but I thing she might break the mold. She is also enthralled with potty business. She wants to be right there to cheer you through what should be private time in the water closet. I'll save you the details, but let it be know that I am installing a dead bolt when I go in May. I don't need any help, thanks Mary P! I'm sure this is all very funny to moms, but I am just not ready for that. 2-3 year olds are the ultimate birth control devices.


LT (and Max) said...

MP's kissing boys huh? haha. that's so great. :)

sounds like you were as naive as i was in high school...nothing wrong with that!

Katie Jane said...

I know where MP is coming from. I was that girl on the playground in preschool...the boys would line up on the fence and I would kiss them goodbye. I wouldn't consider it Harlotism...just a friendly gesture of farewell. She'll grow out of it.