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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Rock the Stadium of Her Heart

Hello All, I am sitting here with the lovely Mrs. being semi-forced to watch a show called October Road. This is a usual occurrence in the Wolfe household. She gets Gilmore Girls and October Road and I get The Daily Show and any show involving Flava Flav. So anyway, if anyone has ever seen this show apparently it has become a reoccurring theme for the fellas of the show to gather together and play air guitar and drums on various tennis rackets and golf clubs. This has popped up in the last 3 episodes. Well since I am usually only halfway interested in the episodes I decided to see if this was such a common thing. According to an article the writers of the show said...

"We did that. We did that for years and years and years, even after high school. We did it a little different than these guys since we're on ABC TV, so you don't see the bottle of Jack Daniels and the bong. But we had tennis rackets and mic stands that we stole, and we'd go to people's basements and rock out and have fun," Scott (Rosenberg...writer for October Road) admitted.

Well I am not sure if I speak for any other guys who might read this blog, but I have never hung out with a bunch of guys and thought, "You know what would be great...if we grabbed a few clubs and rackets and we just rocked out!"

Course I could see something like that being the opening entertainment at a Butts family talent show...

Another question that arises is what's worse? Guys playing rackets and "rocking out"


A guy watching this occur and then looking up articles on the subject.

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Caleb and Tricia said...

Trav, I am totally with you on the Flava Flav.... Flavor of Love was my guilty pleasure of '06 and "New York" never ceases to amaze me. I didn't know that level of skank/slut existed outside the realm of Jerry Springer.

Also, I agree that "Air Guitar" would make an excellent act in a family talent show. Did Laurette ever tell you about the time my family's cat Enrique sat on a cushion and wagged his tail to "Another One Bites the Dust" ???
It was a good act.