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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

And so the battle begins...

OK so I know it is a little weird that I would be baking a pie for the Wilson County Fair Baking Contest. I have received plenty of hazing from my father, brother, and anyone under the sun. Either way I am really doing this for 3 reasons.

1. One night Laurette and I had Marty and Kurt Cooper over and I found some apples at Walmart with a pie recipe on I said why not. It turned out to be one of the best pies I have ever eaten. I have yet to be able to replicate that pie.

2. The Wilson County Fair is the greatest fair in the country. It is just like the fair in Charlotte's Web. Everywhere you look you see prize winning pigs, chickens, pies, whatever. Last year when we went around looking at everything I had a little urge to participate in something.

3. The simple humor involved in the whole event. Naturally I do not take myself to seriously most of the time, but I am willing to bet several old ladies have their game faces on tonight and are cooking like there is no tomorrow. I hope to capture a few funny memories from the whole process.

So here we go, let the cooking begin. Laurette and I have to turn the pie in tomorrow between 3-6pm so with work, I have been forced to cook tonight. I do have a few secret ingredients. The main two are; Fuji Apples and Capt. Morgans Rum. The Fuji apples are a sweeter type of apple, and I think they taste a lot better. The rum is just for the fun of it. Because everything taste a little better when you have some rum on it. I will report back tomorrow night on the results.


LWolfe said...

I feel like I am in Kitchen husband is an Iron Chef!

Luke & Amanda said...

that is awesome. My aunt won the Pilot Point Fair with an apple-cranberry pie...a little twist on the classic. She was a HORRIBLE cook before she got married, and then she went and won a Fair Pie Contest!

Good Luck, Baker Travis!

Little Daddy said...

I don't feel like anyone should make fun of you for this -- I think it is great, and you have my full support and best wishes. Wish I could be there to enjoy the Wilson County Fair. As a kid some of the most enjoyable experiences were to go to the Clay County Fair (West Point), the Mississippi-Alabama Fair and Dairy Show (Tupelo) and the MidSouth Fair (Memphis). We made them all.

Best of luck, and I look forward to seeing you one day as a star on the Food Network.