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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Dusting off the Cobwebs

Well, hello blog readers...any of you who are still here and haven't given up on us. The Wolfepack has been going full throttle. Speaking of, we went to the Brickyard 400 this past weekend at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.
I know all you NASCAR fans are jealous, but more to come about that later. Travis' mom has all the pictures that I just hold your breath for that awesomeness that is to come!

On to more recent news. Travis and I stood in line last Friday at the passport office in a balmy Nashville postoffice for almost 2 hours. Let's just say that I think some folks were getting passports to go back home if you catch my drift. Was that too politically incorrect? You may be asking yourself why two kids like us need passports. Well, come September 6, 2007, Travis and I will hop on the big bird with the flaming tail, as my dad likes to call it, and head to Budapest, Hungary. You again may be asking yourself why in the world are they going to Budapest? Well, if you know my thrifty husband, you will have deduced by now that it was the most cost efficient ticket. No, we aren't just headed to some random country. We will spend the night in Budapest and then hop on the train, ride through the Austrian countryside (I'm hoping they will have chocolate frogs on the train just like in Harry Potter) and end up in Prague, Czech Republic, where we will meet up with Josh and Emily Blades and Hunter and Emily Jones. I will be the only female on the trip whose name is not Emily. From there I'm not exactly sure where we are going, but about 5 days later we will end up in Munich, Germany. Yes, Travis is already beside himself with excitement that he will be going to his homeland. I just hope I can get him to leave. Will post more about the National Lampoon's European Vacation later,
but if you have any suggestions on where to stay and what to see in Munich let us know. We are in charge of that leg of the journey.

Now on to tonight's events. While I have been updating our dusty blog, my wonderful husband has been baking an apple pie. Not just any apple pie, this is his prototype for his entry for the Wilson County Fair apple pie contest. Yes, that's right, Travis is entering a pie contest. Why is he entering, well...why not? I'm mighty proud of him. It has always been a dream of mine to marry a man that can cook. As some of you may know, my Little Daddy is an amazing cook, and my husband is turning out to be as well. He doesn't cook much because he says I'm a kitchen snob, but when he does it's usually pretty good....that is if he doesn't put too much Tony's or Texas Pete's on it. Luckily, apple pie calls for neither. Thankfully, that is the only contest he is entering, but who knows what this may lead to. We might come home with bee hives for next years honey competition. I'm pretty sure our neighborhood has rules about that sort of thing. And I know they definitely don't allow swine in the no Wilburs either. Will let you know how the competition goes. I really wish this blog could be scratch and sniff because there is a fantastic smell coming from our oven!


LWolfe said...

I just ate a piece and it's AWESOME! he still has some tweeking to do, but we're off to a good start!

Little Daddy said...

That pie really looks good. I have to plan a trip to the lovely Mr. Juliet for the Wilson County Fair. I want some of that pie or one just like it.

I have been told that Travis is frugal, in fact that may be his middle name. Melinda and I were in Budapest many years ago when it was still under the control of the now defunct USSR. It was not a great city then, but I'm sure it is now, but we were also in Sophia, Bulgaria (I like to refer to it as the armpit of the world), but I'll bet yall could really get a bargain flying into there. I'm not sure what kind of planes its airport would accommodate, but who cares -- you're saving money.

Austria and Germany should really be good experiences.

Wishing yall the best in pies and travel.

Katie Walden said...

How fun! Tell my sweet cousin hello for me. I wish I had enough money to go visit them. I would love to see Scotland.

Little Daddy said...

Hey, I went back and read this post again. Is that really Travis' pie or is that a cookbook pix? I do not recognize any of the surroundings.

Anna said...

This post is too cute... LC- you should read my newest post... get excited!

ps- you should talk to Lane McClellan about your European travels. She just got back from a one-year stint from over there and she will know all the fun spots.

Anna said...

Wait, do you even know Lane?

Mitchell said...

travis travis travis. please take off the apron and come back to man hood. i am canceling my trip to pickwick and will be making an emergency trip to nashville this weekend to remind you that frat guys do not bake cakes. i trained u better than this.

Little Daddy said...


You might want to remind Mitchell that Emeril Lagasse, Bobby Flay, Wolfgang Puck and many others make tons and tons of money wearing aprons. This may mean a Food Channel career for you.

Keep cooking.