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Thursday, August 2, 2007

And we thought we were crazy over sports

As I was plugging along today in the blog world I came across an interesting article. The headline read Manchester United Signs Nine Year Old to Contract. For those who don’t know Manchester United is a soccer team in Europe. I was blown away that they would actually sign a kid who hasn't even met the height requirements for the tilt-a-whirl. Imagine my surprise when I continued reading and found out that Man U signs about 40 kids around this age a year!!! WHAT! This is unbelievable. To think that a professional team is out there scouting 9 year olds.

I am also thinking about how awful of a job it must be to go scout 9 year old soccer games. I just have to be honest here, but when my kids begin playing sports it will probably be the most boring afternoons ever. I will of course be proud of my kids, but come on. I have seen enough t-ball games to know that this has to be painful to sit through. Special props to my father who had to sit through all my terrible games, especially through that 4th – 6th grade baseball stint, I know I was horrible, but he was a trooper. Maybe it is a right of passage for fathers, but I certainly would not want the job of trying to find the next Pele’ somewhere between the sno-cone stand and the soccer field. Below is some footage on the kid. It’s true; he is very good, but seriously 9 year olds getting scholarships! Unbelievable

I think Sly needs to be give a call to this next youngster.


Anna said...

That little football player is AWESOME. the next Fred Smoot.

Katie Walden said...

NO WAY! I mean seriously...NO WAY! Who does that? Imagine what kind of childhood this kid will have. But the saying goes, "Never waste good talent." And those boys have it. Definitely. And I have to agree with Anna in saying that the little football player will be the next Fred Smoot. Except maybe he'll finish college.