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Monday, August 27, 2007

Why worry about Vick

I watched the pre-season Monday Night Football game last night between the Bengals and the Falcons and I am so happy they didn't mention anything about Michael Vick...

As if that would really happen, it was so overwhelming it took away from a great 1st half of pre-season ball that featured a wonderful game from MSU alum Jerious Norwood.

My personal take on Vick is yes he did a bad thing and will be punished, but I wish that this much media attention would be placed on athletes every time one is reported beating his wife or when one is busted for not paying child support on some of his 9 kids, but does have the ability to buy a $100,000 car (Travis Henry I am talking to you). It seems the more elaborate and crazy the story the more the media go after it. I think beating your wife and not taking care of your kids is much worse then killing a dog, but that doesn't sell papers. Again, that is only my opinion.

On a funny note, as halftime started they of course began reporting on Michael Vick. Well Chris Mortensen began this lengthy talk about all the legal blah, blah, blah. Well, behind him in the background of the shot I happened to notice a Pop Warner football team playing a group of mascots. It was funny to see, especially behind someone who was trying so hard to be all professional. Well I was able to capture this gem in the background. It is a short clip but watch the big inflatable Falcon in the center of the picture.

That is who we should be worried about my friends, not Michael Vick, he is attacking our children out there. I hope you enjoy. By the way, if this becomes the big blog story of tomorrow, which I doubt it will, take a look at when I posted, so you know I am not copying anyone.

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