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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Make It Rain...

As I was watching Barry Bonds attempt to break the home run record last night it occurred to me just how bad professional athletes have gotten. Take Bonds, he has been a jerk to everyone in the media then complains when they write bad things about him. He is also about to rob a man of his crowning achievement. Hank Aaron faced unimaginable racial pressure when he broke this record before. He was an amazing player and now Bonds is about to rob not only him but baseball from any integrity it had left.

Then you have one of my hometown boys, Mr. Adam "Pacman" Jones. I will have to thank Pacman for at least giving Laurette's crush, Frank Wycheck and all of talk radio in Nashville something to talk about. Now Pac has decided he wants to take a chance at professional wrestling, Jim Rome had an email today from someone that summed it up best.

You really want to get into wrestling now? That has to be the dumbest choice ever.
Sincerely, The Second Doughnut

To top it all off the man that Pacman's posse gunned down at the strip club in Vegas actually at one point in life worked for the WWF and had dreams of being a major professional wrestler. Tommy Urbanski now lives everyday in a wheelchair and is learning how to put toothpaste on a toothbrush and worries about his kidneys shutting down. So Pacman is using his fame and suspension time to waltz into a media frenzied wrestling career that was once the biggest dream of a man now forced to live in a wheelchair because good ol' Pac decided to "Make it Rain". Pacman you are a real winner!

Here is my thing, when I was younger these athletes were doing all kinds of terrible things, but heck at least they were smart enough to kept them under wraps and if they were exposed they apologized for their actions. Sure Darryl Strawberry and the '86 Mets were all hooked on Coke, but they kept that stuff relatively quite. At least Strawberry admitted he had a problem and tried to get help, and tried again, and tried get my point. Bonds will NEVER admit to steroids. Sure Michael Jordan was and is a womanizer and addicted to gambling but he kept his affairs on the DL. Nowadays Kobe has this smugness about him that seems to say "why do these people not like me", um... maybe because you possibly rapped a girl. Thank goodness his wife may finally be leaving him, and leaving him $100 million dollars richer I might add. And then we have Ron Mexico, or I mean Michael Vick. How stupid do you have to be to house an illegal dog fighting company in one of your backyards. I mean at least Michael Irvin was caught in a hotel with strippers and cocaine...not his own backyard!

With so many terrible athletes out there now, I am glad to know that my school, Mississippi State, molds young athletes into responsible upstanding men. Men like Captain Fred Smoot and Dontae Walker....errr..Maybe I should just quit while I'm ahead.


LWolfe said...

i had no idea about Michael Jordan! you ruined my day.

Little Daddy said...

Nice post and a lot of good stuff. But one thing must be pointed out about the Barry Bonds thing -- from all I can find out baseball failed to enact any rules or regulations about the use of steroids before or during the time he was suppose to be using them -- baseball has to share some of the responsibility here because technically he apparently broke no established rules. Sure Bonds shouldn't have used them and maybe there should be an asterisk by his name in the record books.

And also you have to remember that a couple of my Yankee heros, Babe Ruth and Mickey Mantle, hit quite a few home runs while suffering from terrific hangovers or maybe even with a little hair of the dog.

And how about 'dem current Yankees? They're making this a pretty good race.

Caleb said...

Great post. I love the idea of MJ's son at college and dad coming to visit, only he steals all the ladies, leaving little Jordan with the castoffs. It would make a fascinating movie. Like He Got Game, only the opposite. And don't tell Laurette that the real reason Jordan retired in 1994 was because David Stern busted him for gambling problems, not that his dad was killed.

I agree with Mr. Clark. Baseball should be to blame for a lot of this, and I hate the fact that Bud Selig showed up at these games like he didn't want to be there. Hey Bud, guess what? This happened on your watch, and you ahve to be there--you're the commissioner. You don't just get to show up for the World Series--you have to be there for the embarrassments that you allowed to happen.

And finally, my favorite facebook picture I've ever seen was one Bubba Badgett used as his profile picture. It was Kobe and his wife, with an inset of the fat diamond he bought her on trial. It read "Diamonds: Cause nothing says sorry I raped the white girl better"

Ken and Lacey said...

laurette -- no #8 tattoo...i'm not that big of a fan. now, a juicy fruit tattoo??? now your talking :)