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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Gentlemen, Start Your Engines

As promised, here is the post about the Brickyard 400. That's Travis's mom, Mrs. Kris, and yours truly. Boy did we have fun! I do love my Yankee in-laws. They have taken me to 2 races, and I think I want to be a racecar driver now. They don't really have an obsession with racing or keep up with it at all, but there is something about being in Indianapolis on race day. I'm trying to talk my father-in-law into buying me a racecar and being my sponsor. I haven't gotten anywhere with that endeavor. I don't think my mom would be for that one either. I think I would want my sponsor to be Dr. Pepper or maybe Purell...two of my favorite products.

Being from Mississippi, I suppose I should be a NASCAR fan, but honestly I've never seen the point in it. After having experienced a NASCAR and an Indy Car race, I can promise you that you will never find me watching a race on TV...but if you buy me a ticket, I will go and enjoy my most favorite passtime: people watching. And let me tell you, there are some sights to be seen!
The first wonderful part of the day was that Mike Delphino (sp?) James Denton from Desperate House wives was the flag waver for the day. Our seats were in perfect position to capture these shots.

We had really neat seats because I could see everything that was going on. I tried to take one picture of a pit crew and by the time I got my camera ready they were finished! It took them 12 seconds to change all 4 tires on one car! Why don't I get that kind of service?

Tony Stewart, #20 - the Home Depot car, won the race. It got exciting there in the last 10 laps. The 250 laps before that kind of drug on. I did get to see a fire, so that was cool. No one was hurt of course. Back to Tony, the guy has quite a the lady sitting behind me who began praying and weeping when Tony took over the lead on the 252 lap. Seriously, she was crying!!! Many of you may know that I have a staring problem. I think sometimes it takes my brain time to process things, so while I'm in the process of processing...I just stare. Well, believe me, she got the stare and I think I laughed in her face. here is her picture. That's Tony crossing the finish line, lucky shot, and that is his #1 fan with the blond hair.

We did have a great time at the race. Thanks for the fun day, Mr. Mike and Mrs. Kris. Here is one last example of my photography skills.


Anonymous said...

I said I would never comment on a blog again, but I can't help myself. Laurette I would be happy to sponsor you (if I had the money), but you flipped your car over in high school which doesn't give me a good feeling of having my only daughter-in-law going 180 MPH. The other problem is that I have traveled with you enough that I know this...Indy is a 2.5 mile oval track with no exits for you and Ms. Kris to take care of business every 50 miles.

Love ya!

Little Daddy said...

Hey, I agree with anonymous. That little flip you made with your old Taurus gave us all quite a scare. But in your defense, you were late for school, you were going too fast on a paved road that became a gravel road before you could slow down. I think you might be able to race on pavement -- are there any gravel race tracks?

Now as far as stopping every 50 miles -- you can follow the crazy astronaut, Captain Depends, lead and not have to make any stops -- just unload after you cross the finish line.

Anna said...

I remember when you were in photography class... man, that "Life of a Hamburger" project really paid off for ya, I see.

Hey... tell me about this open marketing job you speak of in Nashville? EMAIL ME!

Luke & Amanda said...

It would take ever ounce of my self control to not hop over the fence, crowd, etc and kiss Mike on the cheek...I am j that you got pics of you