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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Wolfe Update

Sorry it has been a while since we posted it's a crazy week around the Wolfe household. Well I don’t want to keep our 2 readers in suspense so I will just go ahead and let you all know that I finished dead last in the apple pie contest. Laurette has some pictures and I hope she will post them soon. I think I handled the defeat gracefully, although if I ever find a few of these ladies I will have to take out there knees for next year’s contest. To make matters worse there were only 4 pies entered so all I had to do was beat 1 in order to place. Well, ole Travis here came in 4th out of 4. To add insult to injury I didn’t even get to take my pie home. You will never guess what they did with it. The pies that actually placed are displayed in a refrigerator for the length of the fair, shown off as the pride of Wilson County fine baking. Mine on the other hand was tossed in the trash! Yes, you heard it right; they just went and threw it away like yesterday's news. I have been humbled by this whole thing and you better believe I am getting my game face on for next year.

A brief little highlight of some things that have been going on in our world.

1. Breaking a gas line - know how they say call before you dig...well you should really go ahead and do that. Luckily no one was hurt and nothing was damaged except my wallet and pride.

2. Our lovely Maggie pretending to be David Copperfield and somehow figuring out a way to escape her fence after I spent a month trying to dog proof it. Thankfully the only thing injured here was my pride again.

3. The Wolfe's have a ping pong table now in the garage. I stalked craigslist for the better half of 4 months looking for the perfect one to show up. It finally did last week. I have to say Laurette isn’t half bad. Anyone that is up for a road trip can come on by and get a game in.

That is a little bit of our world. More details to come.


Caleb said...

Travis, good selection with the ping pong table. I'm definitely up for a game the next time we visit. Tricia, though quite the little UCA All-Star, hasn't adequately developed her motor skills/coordination, so maybe we cna play boys vs. girls?

Little Daddy said...


You've got a whole year to practice for the next Wilson County Fair Pie Contest. If you need some help breaking a few knees next August, just let me know. I'll even buy a brand spanking new Louisville Slugger.

I'm certainly not great at ping pong, but I will challenge you and/or Laurette to a little match this weekend. Your brother-in-law (Rob) took me to the cleaners at Gatlinburg -- I, however, had a fairly respectable score.

You may have grounds for a lawsuit for the pie officials tossing your pie -- I'm going to call Cory B. Trotts before I come up there tomorrow.

Luke & Amanda said...

Travis, I am sure it was rigged!! You know how those small town, old ladies are...take that thing down to West Point Labor Day weekend..I am sure they have some sort of contest during the Prairie Arts Festival. And if not, I am sure Laurette has enough pull down there to get one started.